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Online and hybrid Training with BSFFITNESS

Online and hybrid personal training options are the next big thing in personal training. Take charge and make your training fit you even better! If you're pressed for time or if your schedule is very inconsistent, this will allow you to train while staying flexible enough to fit into your busy lifestyle. Can't get to the gym? No problem, do your bodyweight workout from home that day. Don't have a gym? No problem! You still get the motivation, the programming and the accountability you want from a trainer, with a plan customized for you and the equipment you have available!

The online platform I've chosen for my clients allows you to log your training and gives me the ability to follow along with your progress. You can use Myfitnesspal and fitbit apps to log your food and training just like you do now and it's imported automatically. Seeing what you're doing every day allows me to customize your program even more accurately and give you something that will really challenge you and change you! Even if you're on the other side of the world, you can benefit from my unique style of training.


BSFFitness Online is a monthly subscription service for personal training. - $200

BSFFitness Online plus expert nutritional guidance and meal plans. -  $275 (Save $25!)

Don't want the fitness programming? Ala Carte Nutrional guidance and meal plans are available. - $100

If you train with me in person you can add hybrid programming for an additional $50 a month, add nutrition too for only $75 a month! 

Sign up now and see how digital fitness works for you!

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