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More about mike

As a 34 year old adult who had just been laid off from my job I found myself obese, miserable and sick. I felt terrible and I was addicted to both junk food and cigarettes.
I was so stuck and lost. I had all but given up. I had lots of challenges at home and nothing seemed to be changing for the better. I have dealt with mental and physical health challenges throughout my life, but this felt like a pivotal moment.

I decided to do something to change how I felt so I began moving as much as I could. I started running and I rode my bike more often. Eventually I joined a strength class, and started lifting weight. I fell in love with running after lots of trial and error and false starts. I found a race that I wanted to run called Warrior Dash and trained for it. This was the first race I ever ran, in September of 2010.

I loved the way I felt so I decided to change my life by going back to school to learn about Exercise and Movement Science. It was scary to change everything I knew and try something else entirely. I knew if I was really going to change I had to completely commit, and after completing a 2 year program at LCC, I started training clients professionally at a bodybuilding studio called Genuine Fitness where I had done some of my professional internships. I no longer asked myself what "active people" do with themselves, or how they got that way. I found a passion for discovering what I was capable of and I chased it!

Since then I have eagerly chased many different types of exercise and movement practices. I learned about Powerlifting and chased my max lifts for a few years. I started running and I spent a few years focusing on trail running and obstacle course races. I've run races and half marathons and learned about training for it in the process. I spent years working in a bodybuilding gym. I've coached a competitor to 1st place success in a bodybuilding show. I learned about Russian kettlebell training and hard style strength practices. I've also learned about and am continuing to study and practice AcroYoga and partner acrobatics. Training methodologies and practices from all of these interesting schools of movement bleed into my training and the way that I train my clients. I continue to learn and refine my methods and techniques constantly using the new things I learn. I've fallen in love with movement for it's own sake and I see the magic in it. All of its forms offer something valuable to humans. We must each find our own version of the spell that will manifest our changes. I am here to help you weave that recipe. 

When you train with me, we use full body and multi-joint movement to give you the best bang for your buck in the shortest time. We use powerlifting with squats, deadlifts and bench pressing to build strong, lean muscle. We use kettlebells and high intensity training to condition you and strip away fat. We use some bodybuilding techniques to help you look the way you feel - confident and strong. We do mobility work and injury prevention techniques to keep you healthy and safe. For clients seeking advanced movement, we can even enter into strength training for partner acrobatics, arial lyra and pole. I also give private Acro lessons and occasionally host AcroFit and Acro classes. 

I do live consultations at Strength Lab, Eugene, a private personal training studio at 448 West 3rd Ave, Eugene, Oregon. I offer online consultations and training through Skype, Google Hangouts, Facebook video, Marco Polo. I can even help you by phone.Contact me to schedule a consultation and let's get started today!

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